The North American group “The Elders” will perform on the Alameda´s stage for the first time, in spite of already having a long professional background. Their presence in Galicia will give us the opportunity to discover their greatest hits. In fact, they are on tour with their compilation album “The best of the Elders”

Founded in1998 and with four albums in the market, the sextet from Kansas, led by the charismatic Irish singer and percussionist Ian Byrne, reached the top charts in the USA and Ireland.

They promise to give us an intense live performance with their combination of Irish roots music, rock, powerful voices and instrumental sounds. Without fail, we can count on the greatest album hits, such as “Past it on down”, “America wake”, “Live at the Gem”, “Racing the tide”, “Live and Alive in Ireland” or the most recent one “Gael day” on the night of their performance.