Main stage

This stage, which is located by the sea (esplanade of the marina) and measures 15 metres, is where the big concerts of the Festival will take place. So that you don’t miss a thing the stage is flanked by two huge video screens.



Local Theatre

Some of the parallel activities,mainly extra musical are held here. This buliding was officially opened for cultural events in 1859; it is part of the convent complex where you can also find the Town Hall and the Local Church.



And shows on the street

Pipers will play in front of the Town Hall every afternoon. The traditional parade along the streets of the village will be Sunday 11th July at midday.

Street artists appear unexpectedly at every corner so that streets are brimming with vitality and rhythm once the concerts are over. A typical feature of the Ortigueira Festival.

Morouzos Beach has a large expanse of dunes and a pine forest with recreational areas. The sandy area is 2.000 metres long and its average width is 110 m. It has been awarded the Blue Flag by the Foundation for the Environmental Education.

The beach has life-guards and a rescue team, danger signs and a first-aid post. Morouzos Beach also has toilets, showers, bins, a cleaning service, boardwalk for easy access and a car park which accommodates 100 vehicles.

Information Points

You are already in Ortigueira and you need information, where should you go? The answer is well easy. If you do not have a computer or a mobile phone with internet connection at hand to visit this website, there are many other options.

On the one hand,there will be information panels, which will be situated all around the village, and on the other hand, the programmes, with all the information. If you still have doubts, you can go to the Tourist Information Office located as you enter Ortigueira, coming from Ferrol- and at the Information Points and Merchandising Sales Points situated in the surrounding area of the Alameda and at the Train Station area.



IHealth Centre

If you need medical attention, you can go to the Health Centre, open 24 hours a day. It is situated in the village centre, near the Police Station. In case of an emergency, you can get help from the Civil Defence personnel who will be on duty throughout the festival.



Post Office

Why not take the opportunity to send a postcard to your friends? The post office is situated in 8 Carretera General, one of the main streets which lead to the concert area.



Craft Fair

It would be a shame to leave Ortigueira without buying a gift or a souvenir, no matter how small…apart from the essential festival t-shirt, which you can find at the Official Merchandising Sale Points; the craft fair is the ideal place to buy such things. The stands and stalls, along the promenade, offer the possibility to purchase a huge variety of handmade items.



Local Restaurants

And after all this… you will need to get your strength back to keep on partying. You will be able to do this in the numerous local restaurants around the village or in the area designed for such purpose, and also near the promenade.