Even if you know Ortigueira well, you should bear in mind the following advice. Everything you always wanted to know about the Festival and no one was ever able to tell you ...

Phones of interest
  • City hall: 981 400 000
  • Tourism office: 981 42 20 89
  • Health Centre: 981 401 076 / 981 401 051
  • Local Police: 696 446 863/64
  • Arriva Buses: 902 277 482
  • Feve Ferrol: 981 370 401
  • Feve Ortigueira: 981 422 201
  • Civil Defence Organisation: 696 446 870
  • Emergencies: 061
  • Civil Guard: 062
  • Municipality Civil Guard: 981 400 021
Health and emergencies

Medical attention
You will find the new Health Centre in the village where you will be attended to 24 hours a day if you should have any problem.
There will also be several Protección Civil (civil defence) teams. Contact them if you are not feeling well or a friend of yours is in distress.

If things get really serious, ambulances are ready to go down to the campsite. In the event of an emergency, paramedics don’t waste time. Don’t waste it yourself, they are there to help you...

Health problems
If you have any health problem or need medication, don’t leave it at home. Get information about potential incompatibility with alcohol consumption. If you are allergic to any drug take with you the card(s) warning about it. Alternatively, tell your friends about it.

The Village has four chemists. You’ll find two of them on the main road - numbers 52 and 68-, one at Rúa Francisco Santiago 35 and the other at rúa Eusebio Dávila, 3.

Common sense...
If you come here it is because you want to have a good time. Try and be alive and kicking until last day of the Festival. Sleep and let others sleep at least a few hours a day, eat well and drink water every now and then to prevent dehydration.

It goes without saying that if you drink or are tired, don’t drive. Wait or stay the night. Don’t haste.

Sanitation and the environment

Making bonfires at the pine forest is extremely dangerous at this time of the year. Fire could easily spread causing serious damages and endangering the life of people. If you intend to cook, use the barbecues that you will find there. Whenever you light a fire, double-check that it is completely out, pour water if necessary.

During the Festival thousands of people camp by Morouzos beach. Try to clean after yourself and don’t leave anything behind. You’ll find selective rubbish containers and bins throughout the campsite. If they are full, place the litter in a plastic bag, close it and leave it by the containers. Municipal sanitation personnel will collect it.

Polluting materials
The smallest things may be the most noxious. Don’t leave behind plastics, batteries, glass or cigarette butts. The latter may take as many as seven years to biodegrade. If you pick your cigarette ends up, you won’t come across them next year…

Respect the ecosystem
The fact that you may camp in a privileged site means having certain precautions. Try to cause as little damage as possible on the place where you place your tent. This means that you should not make holes in the ground or pull plants up or break tree branches around you. Don’t take your car or motorbike to the pine tree, particularly to the dune area.

Packing up ...

Your case
This is not about bringing your home along with you. Pack just what you need to have some unforgettable days. If you are camping, remember that as well as the rucksack you will have to carry the tent, the sleeping bags…

Your clothes
It is impossible to guess what the weather will be like. However, you’ll need conformable clothing and shoes and some warm clothes for the night. And a raincoat will always come in useful, just to be on the safe side.
Next to the campsite, you will find the impressive Morouzos beach, so you will be happy to have a swimming costume or trunks with you.

Take what you consider enough. Bear in mind that you will find supermarkets in the village as well as restaurants.
At the campsite, you will also find tents where you will be able to buy drinks, sandwiches, etc.

Bring your DNI. If you drive, don’t leave behind your driving license and the car documentation. It is also advisable that you bring money and/or credit cards. Take these documents with you at all times and preferably in your pockets and not in the rucksacks or handbags.

It seems obvious but you would not be the first to remember it too late. Bring toilet paper, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, sanitary towels, tampons, condoms … and a towel!
If it is too late, don’t worry. You can buy whatever you need at the shops in the village.

Sun protector
Regardless of your skin colour, bring with you a sun protector. It won’t be fun to stay in the tent all day because you burned your skin on the first day. If you are prone to sunburns, there should be a sun protector in your bag.

At the beach

Life guards
The beach has qualified municipal life guards. As soon as you get to the beach, you must locate the life guard posts and you must always obey the flag signals. Don’t bathe if it is red, and be very careful if it is yellow.

Don’t litter and pick all cigarette ends up. Use the bins or take the rubbish to the containers.

Although the night was long, avoid sleeping on the beach. Perhaps you will take an unpleasant surprise when you wake up.
When sunbathing, apply sun protection and drink to prevent sunstrokes.

Stomach cramps
Watch out for them. The symptoms are loss of consciousness and heart attacks, in the most acute cases. Don’t jump brusquely into the water, specially if you have just eaten or it is very hot.

Valuable objects
Do not leave valuable objects on the towel when you go for a dip or a walk. This will prevent "temptations"...

Other useful advice

If you are meeting someone at the campsite, don’t exclusively rely on your mobile. Although the service will be reinforced during the festival, the overcrowding of the area may result in problems in the network.

You will find payphones in a variety of locations across the village.

Where are we?
Once you have set up camp, make sure you can locate your tent before leaving it. Incredible as it may sound, in half an hour you may find that there are a hundred tents like yours in the area where you have camped...

Lost and found
The lost and found office is at the local police Station (Civil Guard) at paseo de Barro Soto. If you lose something, good luck. If you come across something think that it could have happened to you.

Cash dispenser
In Ortigueira you will find cash dispensers of Servired -BBVA and La Caixa-, Red 6000 -Caixa Galicia- e 4B -Banesto and Banco Pastor-.

Official Merchandising
You can buy it at the Information and Sale point at the entrance of the Craft Fair and close to the train satation. Take the Festival with you!

The taxi rank is at the bus station. You may order a taxi calling 981 400 869.