The organization will this way satisfy the fans of the batties, which played a decisive role in the revival of the Scottish music since the end of the 70s. At present there are only two members in the band who have been there from the start, the keyboard player and the singer Alan Reid, although the group has stood out by including new musicians without giving up its identity. The group is composed by the guitar player Sean O’Donnell, the young violin player Alasdair White and the American bagpipe player Mike Katz.

From the beginning, the group has avoided being restricted by the traditions and the trends, by mixing in their repertory old songs with their own compositions played with a fusion of new and old instruments: bagpipes, violin, synthesizers, guitars, flutes, accordion and tambourine.

They have broken down boundaries and have explored new directions which later have been followed by others. Their music is lively, high-pitched and what is more, it is accessible to everybody. Their last work Dookin´ (2007) is the twenty third of their long and coherent list of albums, and we can explore new sounds and instruments.