Chirlomirlo, formed by some of the musicians of the Ortigueira Bagpipe School, will perform on stage to show the public another way of playing the Galician Bagpipe Repertoire. They achieve this by taking advantage of the precision of the band, the talent and creativity of the “Foliadas” and, of course, the great experience gained on the different festival stages.

The band manages to make the usual melodies seem new. The craftman of the project is Rodrigo López, the director of the Ortigueira Bagpipe School, accompanied by Isma (percussion), by César Yánez (bass drum and bouzouqui) and also musicians of the School. The group is completed by José Eulogio Rodríguez, "Chechu" from Ferrol (accordion and piano).

Chirlomirlo plays tavern music, to dance to and enjoy. The experience of the band members (Bágoa de Raíña, Os Zarambeques, Dómine Cabra, Adival, Ziricollos, Serralle ai, Berros do Castro etc ) guarantee a great party atmosphere.

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