Survivor of the Titanic. The film which won the Oscar launched this band to stardom when it was just a band that played at the weekends. They adapted a series of Irish Folk songs and to a large extent this marked the group. The American band, led by the Irish Patrick Murphy (vocalist, piano, acordeon, armonica) and the British Steve Twigger (singer, guitar, mandolina, bouzouki), achieved great lasting success.

This band has found its place between traditional group and Celtic rock band, which explores the borders of this type of music. Their 7 albums guarantee that they were much more than a Hollywood success.

The live performances of this professional band are impressive. The group offers freshness and good humour and they combine their own compositions which make the public stand up. They will make their debut in Spain, that is, in Ortigueira with a new released album "Cabbage". Gaelic Storm will be a great success in this year´s festival, no doubt.