They come back to Ortigueira after performing at Runas 06 event in honour of the old accordion players who over the years have kept the musical tradition of their homeland, Euskadi, alive. The Biscayan band, created in 2004 by Agustin Barandiarán and Mikel Romero, will perform with a sound based on the trikitixa (diatonic accordion), the alboka (flute) and the mandolin along with percussions, guitar and bass guitar.

Their repertory is composed by three of their own themes, the majority instrumental, with which they try to open up frontiers, but they are inspired by old popular folk songs. The quintet, which was chosen as the best international group at the Eurofolk Festival last year, has released two albums. The first one is Korrontzi, which gets its name from an old trikitilari.

The second one is called Getxo, a live performance with important collaborators such as the bagpiper Susana Seivane and cantareiras of Faltriqueira, amongt others. They opt for the renovation of the traditional sounds and they offer lively music you can dance to, with a production which cautivates.