Ortigueira will satisfy an obligation with the Oysterband fans. The mythical British group, which was formed in Canterbury around the year 1978, will perform for the first time at this festival as the main attraction of the folk rock evening and they will perform on the same stage with Celtas Cortos once again.

They were the first to combine the deeply-rooted sounds in the traditional music of their country with rock and pop, a cocktail that combines combative lyrics and incredibly catchy melodies.

Their extensive professional music career, made up of 12 albums of study and performances in 35 countries, shows the permanent effort of this sextet, in which all its members sing to entertain themselves and to entertain others. This group has become one of the greatest bands of the international panorama thanks to their unique style and impressive instrumental skills.

The last work of the John Jones (accordion and main voice), “The Oxford girl & other stories", was released in 2008 and it represents a revision of the most distinguished songs throughout their 3 decades of history. An amazing live performance.