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What yo need to know

Even though you are familiar with Ortigueira, it is always a good idea to take a look at these useful tips. Things you always wanted to know about the Festival but didn’t know who to ask…

Useful telephone numbers
  • Town Council: 981 400 000
  • Visitor Reception Centre: 981 42 20 89
  • Health Centre: 981 401 076 / 981 401 051
  • Local Police: 696 446 863/64
  • Arriva buses: 902 277 482
  • Feve Ferrol: 981 370 401
  • Feve Ortigueira: 981 422 201
  • Civil Protection: 696 446 870
  • Emergencies: 061
  • Civil Guard: 062
  • Town Council Civil Guard: 981 400 021

Health and Emergencies
Health Centre
The new Health Centre is located in the town, next to the municipal swimming pool, and provides a 24 hour service should you require assistance. Several Civil Protection groups also provide this service in the camping area. Contact them if you feel unwell or any members of your group are in difficulty.

If the situation is serious, there are ambulances ready to head straight for the camp. In the event of an emergency, the medical staff will immediately respond. Don’t waste any time in contacting them – they are there to help.

Health problems
If you have any medical conditions and require medication, remember to bring it with you. Find out about possible incompatibilities with alcohol consumption. If you are allergic to any medicines, remember to wear your allergy alert tag, or alternatively, inform your friends.

The town has four pharmacies. You will find two on the main road (nos. 52 and 68), one at 35, Francisco Santiago Street and another at 3, Eusebio Dávila Street.

Take it easy…
Your intention by coming here is to have a good time. Get some sleep – and let others do the same – even though it’s just a few hours a day. Eat well and drink water from time to time to avoid dehydration. It goes without saying that you should never drive if you have been drinking or if you are tired. Wait a while or spend the night here. There is no need to rush.

Cleanliness and the environment
At this time of year, lighting fires in the pine forest is extremely dangerous. Fires spread quickly, causing severe damage and putting other people at risk. If you are planning to cook, use the designated areas for barbecues. If you light a fire, always remember to make sure it is completely extinguished before you leave, throwing water over it if necessary.

During the Festival, thousands of people camp next to Morouzos Beach. Make sure that you leave the site you pitched your tent on as clean as it was when you arrived. You will find selective waste bins and litter bins all over the camp site. If they are full, place your rubbish in a plastic bag, close it and leave it next to the bins; the municipal cleaning staff will remove it.

Contaminating materials
The smallest of items are often the most harmful. Do not leave plastic, batteries, glass or cigarette butts behind you. The latter items can take up to seven years to biodegrade. If you don’t drop yours, they won’t be here next year when you return…

Care for the ecosystem
The fact that you can camp in such a magnificent setting implies a number of responsibilities. Avoid any damage to the area you pitch your tent in. Do not make holes in the ground, uproot plants or break the branches of the trees around you. Do not enter the pine forest and especially the dunes with your car or motorbike.

It’s not a case of bringing everything you own with you. Pack essential items necessary for enjoying an unforgettable few days. If you’re camping, remember that in addition to your backpack, you’ll also have to carry your tent and sleeping bag, etc.

It’s impossible to know what the weather will be like. However, you should always pack comfortable clothing and footwear, as well as something warm for evenings. A waterproof jacket is also a good idea, just in case. Next to the camp site you will find the magnificent Morouzos Beach, so it’s a good idea to bring a swimsuit and towel.

Whatever you think you’ll need. Remember that you’ll find supermarkets and food stores in town, as well as bars and restaurants. There will also be marquees on the camp site where you can purchase drinks and sandwiches, etc.

Bring some ID with you. If you’re travelling by car or motorbike, don’t forget your driving licence and other documents. You are also advised to bring cash and/or credit cards. Keep these documents with you at all times, preferably in your pockets, not in your bag or backpack.

It may seem obvious, but forgetting essential items can be a problem. Remember to bring toilet paper, soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, sanitary pads, tampons, condoms…and a towel! If you’ve left it too late, don’t worry – you can purchase everything you need at the supermarkets and stores in town.

Sun protection
Whatever your skin colour, remember to bring sun protection cream. It would be a shame to have to spend the entire time in your tent because you got too much sun on day one. If you burn easily, remember to put sun cream in your bag as well.

On the beach
Surveillance and Life Guards
The Town Council hires qualified lifeguards to monitor the beach. When you arrive, take note of where the lifeguard towers are located and observe the flags at all times. Do not enter the water if the flag is red and bathe with caution if it is yellow.

Do not leave litter or cigarette butts in the sand. Place them in the litter bins provided or take them away with you and deposit them in the bins.

The sun
Although it has been a long night, you are advised not to fall asleep on the beach. You may get an unpleasant surprise when you wake up. When sunbathing, remember to apply sun cream and drink water to prevent sunstroke.

Stomach cramps
Be aware of these. The most serious symptoms include loss of consciousness and heart attacks. Do not enter the water suddenly, especially if you have just finished eating and it is very hot.

Valuable items
Do not leave valuable items on your towel when bathing in the sea of going for a walk. This will prevent possible “temptations”…

Other helpful tips
If you have arranged to meet someone in the camping area, don’t depend exclusively on your mobile phone. Although extra antennas are installed during the Festival, the large number of users may cause problems with the network. You will find public phones at various points throughout the town.

Where are we?
Once you have settled in, make sure you know exactly where you are based before setting off to explore. You may not believe it, but in the space of half an hour you’ll probably find a hundred tents that are identical to yours in the area where you have chosen to pitch your tent…

Lost property
Lost property will be taken to the Civil Guard Station located on Paseo de Barro Soto. If you lose an item, we hope you find it. If you find an object, be a good citizen and hand it in – remember, it could have happened to you.

In Ortigueira you will find the following cashpoints: Servired (BBVA and La Caixa); Red 6000 (ABANCA) and 4B (Santander).

Official merchandising
These items are available for purchase at the information points located at the entrance to the craft fair and next to the FEVE Station, as well as at the Tourist Information Office. Take the Festival home with you!

Taxi ranks are located at the entrance to the bus station, just outside the FEVE station. You may also call a taxi on +34 981 400 869.