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A banda das Crechas was born from the nights of fun 30 years ago in Casa das Crechas, a place of gathering and party since the nineteenth century. It is an open group with the participation of regular musicians and occasional guests.

In 2010 they recorded ABDC, bringing this atmosphere outside the pub, to professional and international places, with the aim of keeping alive the tradition and “foliada” (an spontaneous folk concert in which people can freely join to play, sing and dance), defending music as “what should never cease to be, a tool for human contact, for communication”.

A banda das Crechas has collaborated several times during its career in records such as GalicianTunesOnTour, Moruadh by Yoko Takano or Galiza by Kepa Junkera, among others.

Anos participación
  • 2008
  • 2023